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Lease Tech is Rental and leasing division of MadhuInfotech India Pvt. Ltd. Which is in IT Services industry for last 14 years.

We have been growing with the blessing and support of all our esteem customers who are once associated will stay with us for ever, this is purely because of our quality, commitment, support and one best policy called “Never Say no to anything”.

We set ourselves apart from other in this too crowded industry by offering quality product and most importantly the service in time, every time. Our core strength is support and that is wat has made us successful today. We Rent all IT products for any period, be it for a day or for couple of years, We being partners for Microsoft offer legal software’s at minimal cost.

Our Services

Short term rentals

We specilise in executing short term rentals from 1 day to couple of months, from one product or multiple products with qty upto few hundreds. We are able to specilise on short term rentals as our core strength is our service acchieved through our strong tehnical support team. We not only provide most of the IT products and some electronic products for short term rentals, but take these assignments as turnkey projects, These orders include, Delivery, Pickup, networking, configuring networking, Providing technical manpower for the entire event and many more services based on customers requirement. All our short terms rental projects are customised based on our customer requirements.

Long term rentals

Long term rentals are easy to execute but the challenge lies in providing and maintaing the reliable products, and we being service people have an edge over other in executing Long Term rental orders. As a policy we invest only on brand new products and dispose products which malfunctions thrice or which are 24 to 30 months old. During long term rentals we not only provide periodical maintenance but also provide technical manpower and other host of services which will be part of our SLA. These long term renals are exually customisable based on the customer requirments.

Hire Purchase

We provide IT Products on hire purchase. The Hire-purchase Act defines a Hire-purchase as a type of installment credit under which the hire-purchaser(hirer) agrees to take the goods on hire at a stated rental with an option to purchase. We have multiple options to offer to our esteem customers and this is purely based on there requirements.

Our Products

Technology Equipment Leasing Technology changes, so should your lease. Lease Tech (Division of Madhu Infotech) has specialized in technology leasing for decades. Therefore, our experts know the industry inside and out. We understand having up-to-date technology is a necessity for any successful organization.

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